So, you have decided that you want to go on a golf vacation. What are the benefits of a group golf tour?

Since most golfers are happy to help out with an opinion or advice (“Hey, that’s a stoke penalty!”, “You can’t play it from there!”, “Are you sure you want to use THAT club”, “Can you stop breathing whilst I am putting!”), we’re sure that your playing partners have also come forward with a great deal advice on golf travel.

Mauritius Golf HolidayGood destinations, bad destinations, group travel versus doing it yourself, when to go, what to take, and what to leave behind are some of the things you need to consider.  We’ve even heard for some particularly enthusiastic club officials actively discouraging golf travel because that would reduce the numbers in the weekend comps!   Whatever the source and whether the advice was provided with good intentions or self interest in mind, we thought we would put together a series of blog posts, from our perspective on the benefits of a group golf tour.

In this post we will be talking about the general advantages of going on a group golf tour. In future posts we will look at some other practical elements of golf travel like what to bring and how to pack and how to select the destination that will work best for you.

Golf & Tours are golf travel experts, we run premium escorted group golf holidays to all parts of the globe visiting the most wonderful locations, playing the most amazing courses and staying at the most incredible hotels.  We have many years experience and want to share some of what we have learned.

Benefits of a Group Golf Tour

There are a number of major benefits of coming on an escorted golf holiday such as:

  • Having a designated leader to show you the way
  • Instant friends
  • Safety in numbers
  • Group discounts
  • Much of the planning and logistics are done for you
  • No need to drive

There are other benefits of a group golf tour that also enhance the experience but they are more golf specific:

  • You will be with people who have at least one shared interest (Golf)
  • No need to worry about the logistics of golf in different country
  • An opportunity to challenge your golf skills in a non-pressure environment

Having a designated leader

Ladies Golf Tuition Golf & ToursWe call our tour leaders, Hosts.  Having one is an amazing benefits of a group golf tour, for any tour when you are in a new country or in an unfamiliar location. It’s the tour Hosts’ job to make sure everyone knows what’s happening, where they should be, what they should expect, what they need to bring and all Golf &Tours Hosts do this whilst being friendly and supportive. The Host is also there to provide point of focus should any unforeseen circumstances arise, for instance if you left your favourite pitching wedge back next to the 17th green, the tour Host is there to get this situation resolved.  This leaves you to focus on more important issues, like which drink you’re having at the 19th.

Making New Friends

guided ladies golf holidaysGroup tours can also give you instant friends. Remember, everyone on the tour is a golfer too, so you have something in common right away. On a Golf & Tours holiday, we like to mix people up in the golf draw each day, so that it gives everyone the opportunity to play with each other at least once during the trip.  One of the benefits of a group golf tour is that this can lead to friendships both on and off the course and can lead to companionship to see other local sites on the tours’ Days at Leisure, when you are not playing golf.

Safety in Numbers

Portugal & Spain Ladies Golf HolidayGolf & Tours won’t send you to any destinations that are dangerous, but another benefit of a group golf tour is that you have the psychological safety net of safety in numbers. This can be great when you venture out on non-golf days, in the evenings for dinners, shopping or just exploring with your new friends.  The additional confidence that the group provides can change a great experience into a lifetime experience. Remember, your tour Host has taken care of all of the logistics already. Of course, you can separate yourself from the group at any time you like, to get some space or to explore on your own, but it is always a great feeling to know when you come back there will be a familiar face to greet you.

Group Discounts

Group travel also lets you benefit from a group discount rate. Tour Operators like Golf & Tours have access to wholesale rates, which you can benefit from.  This has been factored into the tour price for the accommodation, golf, transfers breakfast etc.  If you wanted to do any other optional activity whilst on the tour, you will also be able to benefit from these wholesale rates.

No Need to Stress over Planning & Logistics

Canada Ladies Golf Holiday Golf & ToursGroup tours are also amazing because all the stressful elements of travel are taken care of by Golf &Tours and the Host so you can just relax and enjoy the ride. We take care of the booking of hotels, transfers and golf, as well as any other optional activities you may choose to enjoy. All you really need to do on a Golf & Tours holiday is turn up for the bus.  Everything else is taken care of for you.  The Host will also be able to troubleshoot any issues should they arise and help you to add more adventures to your holiday, if you decide that you really would like to take that vineyard tour, or go back to the shops because you really can’t do without those amazing (golf) shoes.

No Need to Drive

Hawaii Ladies Golf TourTravelling internationally or domestically always involves driving.  One of the benefits of a group golf tour is that you can sit back and let someone else take care of that for you.  Driving on the other side of the road, down winding roads, trying to follow a map can be stressful.  It is much more enjoyable to sit back in a comfortable coach, looking at the beautiful scenery zip by as you mentally prepare for your game.

There are, of course, some other amazing golf related benefits such as:

  • Playing on world renowned courses, that you may not be able to access yourself and seeing what all the fuss is about
  • Sharing that experience with people who have that same joy of the game that you do
  • Travelling and playing different courses also improves your golf. It is so easy to get into pleasant groove at our home course.  We know what clubs to use, and when, and we know all of the hazards.  Playing different courses will force you to look at the clubs you use in different ways.  It will give you opportunities to try new shots and even new clubs in a safe and friendly environment.

Golf & ToursSo those are some pretty compelling benefits of a group golf tour, assuming you are travelling with a company, like Golf & Tours.  We put your enjoyment at the forefront of everything we do.  All our holidays are put together with a simple concept at heart and that is:

You’re on a holiday and you’re in an amazing location, so you enjoy it the way you want to.

If you don’t want to score yourself, that’s great, if you do that’s also great. If you want to be more involved with the group, get stuck in, if you want to have more personal space then that is fantastic.  It’s your holiday after all, you enjoy it the way you want to.

So hopefully that has given you some information about the fantastic benefits of group golf tours.  Perhaps you can go back and enlighten your friends who have offered you some advice on group tours in the past?

If you have any questions about group tours or are interested in joining us on any of our amazing tours, you can call or email us at anytime. We hope to be teeing off with you somewhere beautiful soon!

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