Do you love the idea of travelling the world and playing golf on different courses and experiencing different cultures?   We do, and these are some of the reasons we started Golf & Tours, aside from also wanting promote and support women’s golf and the empowerment of women generally.

Golf & Tours

Our passion for golf and travel led us to set up and run tours to all parts of the globe, we don’t just send people to the same destinations each year like some operators, we travel all over the world.   Golf & Tours offer so many golf holidays, it can be sometimes feel difficult choosing a golf tour that’s best for you.  With destinations such as Hawaii, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain and Portugal or even the Blue Mountains it can be hard to make a choice.

Golf & Tours Hawaii


In Hawaii you get to play golf in a comfortable, but not oppressive, tropical climate with palm trees and sapphire waters as the backdrop to both the golf and pretty much everything else. On top of this there is no language barrier, there are great shopping opportunities at both boutiques and outlet shops alike and the menu options and the service are all top notch and westernised.

Portugal & Spain Ladies Golf Holiday

Spain and Portugal

Here you can have a variable climate depending on the time of year and your experiences can focus on the overlapping cultures that have shaped the area of the last 1000 years or more.  Seeing art and museum’s containing some of greatest works that western society has produced or just getting pleasantly lost in the small winding streets off the main tourist way, finding a little taverna with only the locals there, sitting back to an amazing glass of wine and plate of tapas for a couple of dollars and with a memory that will last a lifetime.

Hong Kong Gofl & Tours

Hong Kong and Mission Hills

This is a place where cultures have collided for centuries and this collision has produced a melting pot of experiences both eastern and western to temp the adventurous soul and beguile and challenge your senses and perceptions. Hong Kong is also a premium shopping destination and golfing destination when you factor in Mission Hills, with its 12 courses, spa, resort, country club and more. Imagine a day that starts with an amazing resort breakfast, a warm up and game of golf on the Greg Norman designed course (called the Norman Course) followed by a G&T and light lunch in the mild sub-tropical climate overlooking the courses. Then follow this up with a spa treatment before a spicy Chinese banquet and the prospect of a day shopping the outlets and boutique stores tomorrow.

Golf & Tours Canada Guided golf holiday


How about a trip to Canada to see golf courses and scenery that will take your breath away?  Majestic mountain ranges with snowy peaks rearing up as far as the eye can see and plunging down precipitous slopes to pine clad valleys containing bottomless lakes and swift running icy rivers.  Canada is a paradise for the free spirit in all of us that loves golf as a sport but also as an exploration of nature.  Whilst you are there you can take hiking trails or guided tours of the natural wonders that emerge around every corner, you can visit vineyards and amazing gardens, or you can just relax in comfort and soak in the scenery and people around you.

These are just some of the destinations we travel to, and I’m sure you can see that each is different from the last, due to climate, geography, culture, history and activities available.

Everyone is different and everyone has different tastes and personalities. Some of us like the comfort of familiarity when we travel, some have an adventurous spirit, some like it hot, some are more for the cooler clime, some ladies just want to travel with ladies, some ladies want to bring their partners along.  We cater to all these people and more with our tours, but how do you find out more about the tours and choosing a golf tour that’s best for you?

Portugal & Spain Ladies Golf Holiday

The most simple and easy way to  get help choosing a golf tour for you, is to check out our website, then get in touch and tell us what sort of things you are looking for in a golf tour.

Putting together amazing tours is our passion and as such we are more than happy to have a chat and discuss what’s on your travel bucket list and to provide you with more details on the destinations that our tours go to.  If you are interested in any of our tour destinations, we can give you a full run down of what you will experience as part of that tour and what your options are for exploring the destinations sights and sounds beyond just playing their best golf courses. All our tours are planned so that there is ample time for you to explore by yourself or with your new tour buddies on the rest days between golf.

We are also always looking for ideas on new destinations that we can travel too, so if you have a suggestion let us know!  It’s also a great idea to sign up for our newsletter, you can do that here, so that you will be the first to know about all of our new destinations and also to take advantage of any early bird specials that we offer!

St Andrews golf tour

Speaking of new tours how does this sound? …. You’re nervous, your name has just been called and it’s your turn to tee off, the first tee is seen by many as the hardest shot in golf, get it right and a good round awaits, get it wrong and you could be in for 18 holes of hardship. But this is no ordinary first tee…. The breeze is rising and blowing across the course and into your face, it’s a cold breeze and promises to strengthen over the day. Looking out at the course it pours in from off the North Sea bringing with it the taste of salt and history. You feel like having a wee dram of single malt to steady the nerves but maybe it’s too early, maybe. Win or lose this is the golf experience of a lifetime.
In 2020 Golf & Tours are going to play the Old Course at St Andrews (amongst many others).  Why don’t you join us? Let us help make choosing a golf tour an absolute breeze.