Which style of trip is right for me?

Our two styles of tours – Escorted and Tuition – cover a whole gamut of travel experiences. To find out which one has ‘You’ written all over it, visit our golf tours page.

I don’t think that I’m a good enough golfer to go on a golf tour!

Of course you are!  That’s why golf has the handicap system!  But we completely understand the anxiety that beginner golfers face.  On all of our tours, G&T will have a detailed chat with you before the tours departure date.  If you are a beginner, we are happy to put you in the golf draw with a group of other golfers of a similar ability.  If you don’t want to take part in the golf competition whilst on tour, don’t score!  You may even like to check out our short beginner tours, tailored especially for those of you who are just starting out, or returning to the game. On these tours the emphasis is on golf clinics, lessons and we don’t play more than 9 holes a day.  No matter which tour you choose, your G&T host will ensure you are always comfortable and having a great time.

Are trips physically demanding?

On G&T golf tours we like a nice balance between golf and relaxation.  We never play golf more than two days in a row to help maintain that balance, and every tour has days of leisure built in, so you can make the most of your holiday.  If you like tours that are heavy on the golf, no problems, just let us know and we can arrange additional rounds of golf on our days of leisure.  If you like the look of a tour, but feel there may be too many rounds of golf, no problems here either, as you only need to play as much golf as you wish.  Want to lie in a hammock and not move until you have a G&T in your hand at cocktail hour? No problems!

Can I add an extra night or two on at the beginning or end of my trip?

You sure can! Just ask us prior to your departure date.

My partner is sad that they’re missing out!

We get it, who wouldn’t be?  Why not get them to join you pre or post tour to do your own thing?  G&T are more than happy to organise this for you, to ensure that you have the convenience of not having to change hotel rooms.  Alternatively, contact us for more information on our mixed tours, and get them to join you!

Is it OK that I’m travelling alone?

It sure is you beautiful, wild hearted thing!  This is the beauty of Golf & Tours, many of our travellers join because they are travelling solo and want to meet and share experiences with like-minded people.

If I am travelling on my own, do I have to pay for a single package?

As a wild hearted goddess (aka solo traveller), you will usually have the choice of either paying for a single package or sharing with someone of the same gender, if there is another wild hearted goddess looking to twin share.  If there was no one else to twin share with, you would need to pay the single package rate.

I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?

Please let us know at the time of booking of any food requirements or allergies and we’ll pass the information onto your tour host. Usually, this will be no problem.  As we like our travellers to make the most of their tour, the majority of meals are not included in the tour packages.  This is to help you get out and experience the best of the local cuisine in the way that suits you.  You can choose to eat every night with the tour host, or venture out on your own culinary journey.  We will always provide you with a list of suggested restaurants, cafes and bars that we love, and if your tour is to a far flung exotic destination, we will provide you with a card with your dietary requirements written in the local language.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you do.  This is important. Travel insurance is compulsory for all G&T travellers and should be taken out at the time of booking. You should advise us of your travel insurance on your booking form, or prior to your departure.

Do the tours include flights?

Travellers arrive from all over the world to join our tours and therefore it’s not possible to include airfares in our prices. Everyone has their own preferences of airlines, Frequent Flyer programs and carriers, and as such, all our tours begin and end at the destination’s airport.  We would be happy to help you arrange flights. Just ask for an air quote when making your booking.

Are motorised golf carts available at the golf courses?

Shared motorised carts (or buggies) are generally available and included at most of the golf tours that we travel to.  The exception is at walking only golf courses, where the only way a motorised cart can be secured is on medical grounds only. These can be requested with a medical certificate from your doctor. If motorised carts are not included, we will always ensure that pull carts are.  At some courses caddies can also be requested.

Can I join a G&T Golf Tour is I’m not a member of a golf club and don’t have a handicap?

Of course you can you beautiful thing!  But there are some courses in Scotland, the US and Europe that do have maximum handicap requirements, but this would always be clearly noted on the itinerary.  If you’re unsure, contact us.

Do you run any tours with men?

We do!  We don’t want them missing out.  We also run mixed golf tours.  If you are interested in any of these, please contact us.

What is your cancellation & refund policy at Golf & Tours?

Cancellations by the client must be in writing and are subject to the following forfeit of cost per person:

  • Cancellation before final balance payment is required: Deposit lost
  • Cancellation after final balance payment has been completed: 100% of the tour cost charged

If the company is forced to cancel a tour due to minimum numbers not being reached, a full refund or option to transfer full payment to a subsequent tour within 3 years will be offered to you.  If you decide to cancel, then you will need to speak to your travel insurer (which is why insurance is important!)

Is the answer to your question not here?

Contact us and ask away!  We’d love to hear from you.