Flying long haul can be both exciting and exhausting, but with the right essentials in your carry-on, you can transform your journey into a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

At Golf & Tours, our hosts have shared their must-have items that ensure they arrive refreshed and ready to host you at your bucket list golfing destination!

Mary’s Essentials:

Mary, a seasoned traveller, swears by her Kindle stocked with a captivating book, a cosy wrap for warmth, a toothbrush for that post-meal refresh, and her trusty lipstick for a touch of glam upon arrival.

Tiffany’s Top Picks:

Personal development enthusiast Tiffany never boards without a thought-provoking book, setting the tone for personal growth during her flight.

Heather’s Flight Necessities:

Heather prioritises relaxation with her iPad for entertainment, a soothing book, skincare essentials (cleanser and moisturiser), eye shades, ear plugs, and a versatile tube of paw paw ointment.

Maxine’s Travel Must-Haves:

Maxine packs her iPad for entertainment, ear pods for quality sound, spare underwear (a travel essential!), refreshing mints and sweets, and antibacterial wipes for a clean and germ-free journey.

Ainslie’s In-Flight Essentials:

Ainslie prepares for any scenario with a change of clothes, face wipes and moisturiser for fresh skin, eye drops for hydration, a cosy wrap, eye mask, ear plugs, a gripping book, and antibacterial wipes for a clean environment.

Neira’s Travel Essentials:

Neira ensures she’s fully charged with her charger, keeps her asthma in check with her inhaler, stays fresh with tissues and salty liquorice mints, and includes gum, roll-on deodorant, and sunglasses for comfort throughout the flight.

Caroline’s Travel Necessities:

Caroline values hygiene and comfort, packing toothbrush and toothpaste, antibacterial wipes, deodorant, moisturiser, lip gloss for a touch of colour, matching underwear, noise-cancelling headphones for peace, charger for devices, and a captivating book.


Your comfort during a long haul flight can significantly impact how you feel upon arrival. By packing these essential items, you can ensure that your journey is not only bearable but also enjoyable. Arriving at your Golf & Tours’ bucket list golfing destination feeling refreshed and ready allows you to fully embrace your adventure with Golf & Tours. Being well-prepared helps you make the most of your bucket list golfing experience.

Prepare for your next journey with these tips and let us know your must-have carry-on items. Happy travels and see you on the green!

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