Fashion on the Fairways

Almost more than any other sport, golfers are known for their fashion sense.  Sometimes, this isn’t a good thing!  Many of us are on a never ending search to find ladies golf clothes that are flattering, stylish, breathable and make us feel good.  We may not always play as well as we’d like, but we want to look the part!

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From long sleeved, short sleeve and sleeveless, there are many styles, designs, cuts and colours to choose from.  Just make sure you buy quality tops in natural breathable fabrics.  You’re playing partners will thank you!


Go for traditionally loud or more understated modern designs.  There are pants in varying lengths, skorts, skirts and shorts to choose from.   Go with what feels the most comfortable for you.


As an outdoors sport, you need to be prepared for all weather situations.  A good set of wet weather pants and jacket will be cheap at twice the price the first time you use them.  Light weight jackets, cardigans and vest that give you a wide range of movement will also be a necessity.


There are a huge range of golf accessories out there for women from ball markers, gloves, hats and towels.  Make sure you don’t forget your suntan cream and bottle of water!