Golf & Tours are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded Best Women’s Golf Tour Operator in Australia by Lux Life Travel & Tourism Awards!

“The motivation behind starting Golf & Tours came from seeing the difference that golf can make in people’s lives; particularly women.” says Golf & Tours’ Managing Director, Ainslie Saunders.

“Golf can increase confidence, it forges and strengthens friendships and community, and creates a feeling of belonging, which is important in today’s society.  We use golf and a love of travelling to build community between women, and during these times we need that more than ever.”

Whilst being awarded Best Women’s Golf Tour Operator in Australia really is thrilling, Ainslie says that her proudest moments come when her team see genuine friendships grow between the ladies who come on their tours.  “On the first day of any of our trips, many of the ladies don’t know anyone else on the tour. By the end, firm friendships have been forged, and we love hearing of the friendships continuing outside of our trips.”

Golf & Tours get to help set the stage for people to celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and special events. “They choose us to help them create unforgettable memories and experiences.” says Ainslie ” and that truly is so special.  We see that as a privilege.”