When the time comes to expand your golfing horizons and travel, it’s important that you pack your golf clubs so that they arrive in the same condition as you packed them.

Unfortunately, we can’t always be sure that the baggage handlers are going to treat our clubs with as much care as we do. Here are instructions on how to pack golf clubs to ensure that on your next golf holiday you will be playing with your own clubs, and not a rental set.

How to pack golf clubsChoose a golf travel bag

There are lots of different types of travel bags. Hard cases, soft bags and travel covers. A hard case is best if protection is your main concern. The soft bags can be really easy to manoeuvre, particularly when they have wheels. The travel covers can be good when you’re really attached to your everyday golf bag and want to bring it on your golf tour. If you’re unsure which type of bag to purchase, consult the PGA Professional at your local pro shop.

Clean your golf gear

Strict biosecurity laws are in place for all travellers and their belongings entering many countries. As such, it is extremely important that your golf clubs and golf shoes are completely clean and free of any grass or dirt before you pack them into your travel bag. When you arrive at your holiday destination and pass through Quarantine, it is highly likely that the officers will want to inspect your golf shoes, so it’s best if you pack your shoes directly into your golf bag, for easy access.

Protecting your clubs

The club that is the tallest in your bag is usually going to be the most susceptible to breakage, so try to insulate it as much as possible. Place your tallest club, which will be your driver, in between your other woods/hybrids. There are golf club protection devices that you can buy. They look like an adjustable aluminium crutch that’s taller than your driver and keeps your shafts from being damaged if your bag was dropped upside down.

Take the socks that you’re going to wear on the trip and use them to cover your irons and any other clubs without covers. Then, weave your golf towel and any jumpers that you are taking with you, through the clubs to minimise movement. Another option is to place your shoes under the club heads to further reduce any stress or flex.

It can be a good idea to throw your rain jacket over the whole thing to keep everything in place and as a precaution against rain.


Don’t leave your expensive electronics in your golf bag. Rangefinders, Bushnell’s, GPS etc Treat them just as you would your camera and put them in your carry on luggage.


Many travel bags have places for a business card. Ensure that not only is your bag easily identifiable by adding a bright ribbon but that your personal contact details are clearly marked.

As long as you know how to pack golf clubs, you’ll minimise any risk to your gear and ensure that you have no nasty surprises as you start your golf trip.

Golf holiday

Safe travels! x

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