Planning a golfing getaway to your dream destination with Golf & Tours? One of the key considerations for avid golfers is how to transport their beloved clubs. .

Here’s a rundown of the options available to you:

1. Bring Your Own (BYO)

For many golfers, bringing their own clubs is the preferred choice despite the logistics involved. To make this option smoother, ensure your clubs are clean and securely packed in a sturdy golf bag. Reduce the number of clubs if possible to lighten the load and opt for a compact travel golf bag to save on baggage fees. Remember to purchase additional baggage allowance to avoid hefty airport fees.

If you’re travelling before your golf tour begins, most hotels offer concierge services where you can safely store your clubs until you meet up with Golf & Tours. Consider using Apple Air Tags for tracking, but keep in mind that updates can be delayed, so allow time for them to sync properly.

2. ShipSticks

If the idea of lugging your clubs through airports doesn’t appeal to you, ShipSticks offers a convenient alternative. Simply visit their website for a quote, arrange a pickup time, and they’ll transport your clubs to your first hotel and collect at the end of your golf tour. They provide tracking numbers so you can monitor your clubs’ journey. This service eliminates the stress of carrying your clubs and ensures they’re waiting for you upon arrival.  You’ll need to weigh up cost of convenience vs cost of using this service.

3. Hire Clubs at Each Golf Club

For those who prefer to travel light, renting clubs at each destination is an excellent choice. Golf & Tours can assist in reserving a set of high-quality rental clubs at each golf course. Rental fees typically differ depending on the club and destination. This option allows you to play with the latest demo clubs without the hassle of transporting your own.  If you would like to consider this, contact Golf & Tours and we can organise a quote and then reserve these clubs for you, you’d just need to pay for these at the Pro Shop on the day of play.

4. Clubs to Hire

Operating in select countries, Clubs to Hire offers a similar service to ShipSticks, delivering near-new clubs to your first hotel and collecting them from your last. While availability is limited to certain locations, it provides another hassle-free option for golfers travelling light.

Choosing the right method to transport your golf clubs can significantly enhance your travel experience. Whether you prefer the familiarity of your own clubs, the convenience of shipping them, or the ease of renting, Golf & Tours has you covered. Each option has its benefits, so consider what suits your travel style best. We’re here to help make your golfing adventure seamless and enjoyable. Happy golfing and we look forward to teeing off with you somewhere fabulous soon!


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