I had such a lovely experience last week.

One of women supporting each other.  In the depths of the school holidays, I was doing the never ending juggle. Trying to run a business, spend quality time with my daughter and trying to push down the all consuming feeling of guilt.  School holidays; the juggle and the struggle is real.  I want to do both, well, but particularly during school holidays it seems almost impossible.

There was a lovely, empowered, enthusiastic female golf professional that had said that she would like to meet to discuss our ladies golf tours.  Emails were flying back and forth between us, trying to work out how we could meet and talk anytime in the foreseeable future.  She was a mother doing the school holiday juggle too.  Then it came to me…why couldn’t we have a meeting with our children there?

Women Supporting Each Other

Women Supporting Each Other Golf ToursI’d had a preconceived idea in my head about the “right” way to do business, and how important it is to project a “professional” image.  I started to question where that idea had come from and why I would have it, especially if the women I am doing business with are in the same situation as me?  We were two women trying to follow our passions.  Why couldn’t we set our own rules around how we met?

So, we got together, with my daughter and her son, and drank coffee and chatted about golf and women and travel.  We sat in a cafe while the kids ate banana bread and entertained themselves and we discussed some of our passions. Golf and empowering women.

I had such a profound feeling of just how powerful women can be when we join forces.  It’s inspiring to work in a space where women openly support and lift each other up, particularly when you work in a heavily male dominated industry. There are barriers to women in golf, both in playing the sport and on the business side, there always have been.

But I meet women, everyday who love golf and are passionate about showing other women just how fun and enriching golf can be.  There are more and more women out there, coming together to support each other, and it makes me feel strong and proud.  It’s galvanising.  When women work together, we accomplish amazing things.

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” Maya Angelou

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