Meet the Team!


Ben Saunders

Where do you live?

Southern Highlands, NSW Australia

Which Golf Club are you a member at?

Moss Vale Golf Club



What is the best golf club you’ve ever played at?

My favourite course has to be North Berwick Golf Course outside of Edinburgh in Scotland. A classic old-school links course.

Which club is on your bucket list to play?

I have a very long bucket list, but high up there would be Pebble Beach, King Island and Loften Links.

What do you enjoy the most about hosting tours?

For me, the most incredible thing about hosting tours is seeing the joy we can bring to people through care and attention to those little details that make each individual’s experience of the tour go to that next level. Playing some of the best courses in the most amazing places in the world doesn’t hurt either.

What do you love the most about travelling?

Travelling is a whole mind and body experience. Liking someone else’s selfie on Santorini in your social media is nice but it doesn’t tell you what the sun feels like when you are actually there when it’s coupled with the smell of the place, the sound of the wind and birds or the taste of the food. Travel is about experiencing and feeling the world.

What do you think are the most important attributes of a Tour Host?

A tour host needs to have their eyes and ears open all the time to be able to anticipate and react to any situation whilst on tour. And the confidence to react professionally to any challenge they might face.

What do you do when you’re not hosting tours?

I am a Managing Director at Golf & Tours.  If I’m not hosting a tour, you’ll find me supporting our other amazing hosts from the office, or playing a round at Moss Vale Golf Course.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Gathering with intention is one of my passions. Bringing people together with the intention to undertake a specific activity that forms a fundamental link to all the people involved, gives us a springboard to explore each other’s stories and journeys and in doing so build and nurture connections, community and belonging.