Portugal – Old-World European Charm

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Many say that Europe’s best golf is in Spain and Portugal, the joint occupants of The Iberian Peninsula.  Each offer its own colourful history, rich cultural heritage, fine gastronomy and intriguing ancient cites.  The concentration of the best courses on The Iberian Peninsula, very much follows its southerly coastline. It’s a lot of coast — 325 miles in Portugal and another 1,000 miles in Spain, but it’s also a cornucopia of quality golf courses.

The mild climate, with over three hundred days of Sun per year, allows the golf season to extend for several months in this region.

It was the legendary golfer Sir Henry Cotton who put the Algarve in the World Golf Route, having also designed several classic golf fields, stretching along 240 kilometres on the Atlantic coast and connecting Sagres in the West with Vila Real de Santo António in the East. Almost 60 years later, the legacy of Sir Henry Cotton still lingers. Find at your disposal a network of excellent hotels, apartments and resorts, marinas, good restaurants and a variety of nightlife establishments.

The golf courses, mostly designed by international architects, along with the fantastic landscape where they lay in, along with the wide range of courses, marks the region as a premier destination for the sport.

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