Tee Off in the Wild: Your Dream Golf & Safari Journey Awaits.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of the African wilderness, the golden hues of sunrise painting the sky, and the thrill of anticipation for a day filled with world-class golf and awe-inspiring safari adventures. This is not just a dream – it’s the reality of our exclusive Golf & Tours Mixed South Africa Golf & Safari, happening from 19-30 March 2025.

We are excited to offer this unforgettable journey.  Don’t miss your chance to be part of something truly extraordinary.

Here’s what you can expect:

Discover South Africa’s Premier Golf Courses

Picture yourself playing on some of South Africa’s most prestigious golf courses:

  • Leopard Creek: Renowned for its breath-taking views of the Crocodile River and its challenging course design, Leopard Creek offers a golfing experience like no other. The backdrop of Kruger National Park means you might even spot wildlife while you play.
  • The River Club: Located in Cape Town, The River Club is known for its lush beauty and challenging layout. This exclusive course provides both a relaxing and invigorating golfing experience.
  • Highland Gate: Nestled in the scenic highlands, Highland Gate offers stunning views and exhilarating play. The course is a perfect blend of nature and design, making every round a memorable experience.

  • Royal Johannesburg & Kensington: A legendary course that combines history with top-tier golfing. With its immaculate greens and rich heritage, playing here is both a privilege and a challenge.
  • Kambaku Golf Club: Offering a unique experience with its beautiful landscapes and tranquil setting, Kambaku Golf Club is a hidden gem that promises a peaceful yet exciting round of golf.
  • Skukuza Golf Club: Situated in the heart of the Kruger National Park, Skukuza Golf Club offers a unique golfing experience where the game meets the wild. It’s not uncommon to see wildlife roaming near the fairways, adding an extra thrill to your game.

Experience the Magic of South African Safaris

But golf is just the beginning. Each day brings new adventures with sunrise and sunset safaris, providing intimate encounters with South Africa’s majestic wildlife. Imagine seeing elephants, lions, and rhinos roaming freely in their natural habitat – a sight that will leave you speechless and deeply moved. These safaris offer not just the excitement of spotting wildlife, but also the serenity and beauty of the African landscape at dawn and dusk.

Stay in Unparalleled Luxury

Our journey doesn’t stop there. Experience luxury and charm at some of South Africa’s award-winning accommodation. The highlight of our stay will be at the iconic Kruger Shalati – Train on the Bridge. This isn’t just a place to rest – it’s a piece of history. The meticulous restoration of this train, perched on a historic bridge, tells a story of dreams realised and dedication to preserving the past. The people who bring this magical place to life will touch your heart and show you the power of passion and perseverance.

Kruger Shalati offers a unique blend of comfort and adventure. With its panoramic views and luxurious amenities, it is the perfect base from which to explore the wonders of the Kruger National Park. The experience of staying in this historic train, surrounded by the sounds of the wilderness, will be one of the highlights of your journey.

Make Your Golf Dream Come True

Let us make your dream come true. Join us for a journey that promises not only exceptional golf and safari experiences but also moments of profound connection and inspiration. Whether you are an avid golfer, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, this tour has something special for you.

Reserve your spot now and embark on an adventure that will stay with you forever. This exclusive offer is available to our community first. Secure your place today and be part of an extraordinary experience that combines the thrill of the game with the magic of the wild.


We joined the South African tour not knowing what to expect. We were totally amazed by every detail of the trip. The tour leaders and hosts were very organised and professional and made sure everything was right. We never had to handle our baggage at all! The accommodations were first class and very unique. The golf courses were incredible, from interesting 9 hole courses to very exclusive clubs. We saw all the animals we hoped to see and more, and our safari guide spotted them everywhere for us. The food was delicious and plentiful, and was a good representation of SA cuisine. Most of all we enjoyed the people, those on the tour and the locals. They were so friendly! Thank you, Ben and Ainslie, for putting this tour together and making it so wonderful. We hope to join you again!”  Mary Jo & Chuck Uhlman – Arizona, USA – South Africa Men’s & Women’s Golf & Safari Tour, May 2023



Secure your place today and be part of an extraordinary experience that combines the thrill of the game with the magic of the wild. 🌿🏌️‍♀️🌟

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