Spain – Flamenco, siesta and golf

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Many say that Europe’s best golf is in Spain and Portugal, the joint occupants of The Iberian Peninsula.  Each offer its own colourful history, rich cultural heritage, fine gastronomy and intriguing ancient cites.  The concentration of the best courses on The Iberian Peninsula, very much follows its southerly coastline. It’s a lot of coast — 325 miles in Portugal and another 1,000 miles in Spain, but it’s also a cornucopia of quality golf courses.

The Costa del Sol is the perfect destination for golf lovers. Located in the south of Spain, in Andalusia, it has the highest concentration of golf courses in all Europe, earning it the nickname of the Costa del Golf.

Due to its exceptional location, beside the Mediterranean Sea, it has an average temperature of 20 degrees and more than 320 days of sun each year.  This is why the Costa del Sol is a sure bet for both enthusiasts and professionals who want to play golf at any time of year.

Golf in Spain

Since the Real Club de Campo, today the Málaga Parador de Golf, was founded in 1925, this sport’s popularity has only grown, as too has the number of courses available. This was the very first golf course in Andalusia. The Costa del Sol currently has more than 70 highly competitive golf courses.

Internationally renowned players, such as Miguel Ángel Jiménez, were born and raised on the Costa del Sol. Others, including Severiano Ballesteros and José María Cañizares, have contributed their talent and experience to the Costa del Golf’s excellent reputation.

Beyond the greens, the Costa del Sol has a wealth of cultural and leisure activities on offer. Golfers can make the most of their stay by visiting some of its 103 villages, discovering its museums, walking around the streets of some of its liveliest city centres, soaking up the culture and enjoying a unique atmosphere.

Another of the main attractions in Málaga province is the cuisine. There are a total of seven Michelin Star restaurants, tapas bars, establishments offering haute-cuisine, international and traditional menus, and wineries etc. Wherever you choose to visit you will enjoy a fantastic culinary experience.

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