Swing into Success: A Golfer’s Guide to Etiquette on the Green

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to not only master the art of golf but also become a shining star of impeccable golf etiquette. We believe that while one can be forgiven for the occasional misstep on the golf course, mastering good golf etiquette is a sure-fire way to guarantee an invitation back for another round of fun and camaraderie.

Golf is not just a game; it’s a lifestyle, and a key part of that lifestyle is understanding and embracing the unwritten rules of the game. So, whether you’re a fresh face to the fairway or a seasoned pro, let’s dive into the secrets of golf etiquette to ensure you’re always welcomed back at the clubhouse.

A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Etiquette: Making Friends on the Fairway

1. Give Warning of Wayward Shots: We’ve all hit a wayward shot, and it’s all part of the game. Just remember, yelling “Fore!” is not just a courtesy; it’s your golden ticket to keeping the game safe and enjoyable for everyone.






2. Silence is Golden: Golf is a mental game, and concentration is key. Keep chatter to a minimum during shots, and for the love of the game, switch off that phone! If you must take a call, make it quick and discreet.






3. Mind Your Shadow: Keep your shadow in check, especially when someone is putting. No one wants distractions, and a moving shadow can be surprisingly irritating.






4. Respect Putting Lines: Stepping on someone’s putting line is a cardinal sin. Avoid it at all costs, and remember, those little indents left by spikes can make or break a putt.

5. Play Ready Golf: Be ready to play when it’s your turn. Forget the rigid rules; being prepared and efficient keeps the game flowing and ensures everyone has a blast.

6. Keep Pace with the Group: Slow play is the ultimate golf faux pas. Keep up with the group in front of you, and if you can’t, be gracious and let faster players through.

7. Mark Your Ball: Be kind to your fellow golfers—mark your ball clearly and always keep a spare handy. Trust us; lost balls are inevitable.
8. Take Care of the Course: A well-maintained course is a joy to play on. Fix your divots, rake bunkers, and leave the course better than you found it.

9. Arrive Early: Time is of the essence. Arrive early, get organized, and hit those practice shots. Your punctuality will be appreciated by all.

10. Be a Good Sport: Sportsmanship is the heart of the game. Shake hands at the start and end of each round, and wish your fellow golfers a good game. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.

11. Keep Your Temper Under Control: We all have bad days on the course. Keep your cool, take a deep breath, and remember, a positive attitude can turn a bad round into a great day.

12. Set Ground Rules: Before teeing off, establish ground rules for your group. From what constitutes a gimmie to penalty decisions, clear rules make for a smooth and enjoyable game.

At Golf & Tours we’re all about creating a vibrant and supportive international golfing community. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, we celebrate everyone’s journey in the game. Remember, we all started as beginners, so let’s support each other and share the joy of every great shot on the 19th hole. See you there!