We’re so proud to announce we are now dual award winners of the LUXlife Travel & Tourism Awards. In 2022, we’ve been awarded the Best Women’s Golf Tour Provider in Australia, for the second year running.

2022 Award Winner Golf & Tours

We are very excited to have received this award again, as this is a testament to our underlying business ethos, which is to provide extraordinary experiences for our guests. This is achieved by always paying attention to the details and finer touches, on all of our tours.

This philosophy applies to all our tours whether we are taking our guests on an amazing golf and gastronomic journey through picturesque Tasmania, helping our guests tick off that bucket list golf experience at Scotland’s top courses or coupling a tropical paradise with golf and shopping on a Hawaiian golf and Black Friday sales adventure.

Everything we do at Golf & Tours is built around the extraordinary, and creating those experiences and memories, that last a lifetime.

We are also especially proud that we are receiving this recognition of our focus on women’s golf, and creating travel experiences specifically for women. With golf being one of the last male bastions, Golf & Tours have made the conscious effort to focus on and promote women’s inclusion in this wonderful sport. We are also proud of the tours we offer each year that are open to women and men. We strive to make the tour experience on and off the course welcoming and completely inclusive to all guests.

The off course experience, or après golf (as we like to call it) is another key component of our ongoing success.

Golf & Tours Lake Como

For all of our tours, playing the best golf courses, around the world and within Australia is what initially brings us together. However, at Golf & Tours we also love to provide a broader travel experience that takes our tours to the next level. We go the extra yard in providing our guests with amazing destination specific experiences, when we’re not on the course. Authentic experiences that can only happen at amazing destinations. For instance:

  •  Taking a cruise on Lake Como in Italy
  • Enjoying a sunset cocktail on the beach at Waikiki
  • Attending a champagne tasting in Champagne in France
  • Touring a real castle on a loch in Scotland
  • Taking in the cherry blossoms in Japan

Most Importantly….

We would finally like to recognise and thank our amazing Tour Hosts. Without them, we would not been awarded Best Women’s Golf Tour Provider in Australia, again. These incredible people bring the tour groups together, and provide both impeccable hospitality and companionship.  They also do all the work behind the scenes (the work that no one sees), that make the whole tour experience run seamlessly from start to finish.