I had been working in the golf travel industry for over 6 years, before deciding to take a leap of faith and follow my heart.  I started a golf travel company.  One that specifically caters to women.  Golf tours for ladies by ladies.  I am really excited about it and wanted to share a bit about what we do and why we do it.

Golf is one of the last male bastions and I feel passionately about getting more women into the game.

It’s a sport that suits all players, regardless of their sex, age, fitness level or ability.  It helps keep you fit, gets you outside enjoying nature and it’s something that you can do in almost every country.  It offers friendship and opens up potentially a whole new group of friends and support network, not just on the course, but also after the game having a gin & tonic (or two) in the clubhouse.

Our tours aren’t just about playing beautiful golf courses (which of course we do, around Australia and all over the world). Each tour has a range of non-golfing activities to compliment the destination that we travel to.  We want our guests to be able to immerse themselves in the culture.  This is done through historical talks, cooking and language classes, garden tours, wine tours, shopping etc.  We also eat at great restaurants, offer walking tours hosted by locals and art classes etc.

Guests on a G&T tour can choose to be as involved or as independent as they like.

Every tour will give the option of accommodation upgrades to cater to all budgets, and the tours will be escorted by female golf professionals, teaching pros or a Golf & Tours host.  Plus, we also have self-drive tours (for those who feel that groups tours are not for them).   Or short beginner tours, which are specifically targeted towards ladies that are really just starting out.

To see more of what we do, please visit our website.  Here you’ll find information on all of our tours, destination guides to give you inspiration and there’s even a few Gin & Tonic recipes to encourage you to make the most of that post round drink with friends.

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What we really need more of, are lady golfers.

If you’re a golfer already, talk to your non-golfing friends about why you love the game and what you get out of it.  Encourage them to look into trying it for themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  I hope that Golf & Tours will have the pleasure of talking to you, and hosting you on one of our golf tours for ladies in the very near future.Ainslie Saunders

Kind regards,

Ainslie Saunders
Managing Director
Golf & Tours Pty Ltd
+61 414 385 585
+61 2 8968 9348
Suite 13, 3/7 Grosvenor Place,
Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia

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