Golf Industry Central published an article this week on Golf & Tours and what we are doing to grow the game of golf.

We want to inspire more women into golf, to help enrich their lives and to help grow the game.  As many women predominately see golf as a social activity, Golf & Tours has set out to find new and innovative ways to grow female participation.

Identifying the lack of social components in other golf travel offerings, Golf & Tours base our tours around the experiencing the destination.  Rather than solely focusing on the golfing experience.

Golf & Tours Grow the GameGolf & Tours are passionate about growing the game and believes there is a real place for women on the golf course.

It’s is such a great sport.  One that has the ability to enrich peoples’ lives through building relationships.  It helps create long lasting friendships.

Now is the time to get more women into golf.  Women’s cricket is finally gaining some momentum, and now the focus is on women’s golf.  Let’s grow the game together.

To view some of the tours that G&T are putting together specifically for lady beginners, click here.

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