Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

Have you got your Mum a present yet?

Mother's DayWe all know family time is precious to us Mums, so why not consider a game together down at your local club, or better yet, give her a Mother Daughter golf trip with Golf & Tours. Let us look after you both!

As a Mother myself, I know that all I ever really want for Mother’s Day is just to spend time with my daughter, enjoying ourselves, doing something that we both love.

Quality time together is the most important thing to me, and on Mother’s Day I have the excuse to demand it!

This Mother’s Day we will spend our day with morning my husband’s mum and the evening with mine, so somewhere in the middle there I think I might just be able to squeeze in even just 9 holes down at our local course with my daughter and husband.

I hope when we get there, we’ll be surrounded by other groups out celebrating their Mums and everything that they do for them, by spending some quality time together on the golf course.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there!  Have a lovely day and we hope to see you and your mums, daughters, aunties, sisters and nieces on one of our golf tours soon xx

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