Embracing the Joy of Golf: No Handicap Required on Most of Golf & Tours’ Golf Adventures

Golf & Tours LadiesGolf is a sport that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a common love for the game. However, some players might feel hesitant to join golf tours due to concerns about their handicap or skill level. Golf & Tours, a trailblazing organisation, is on a mission to change that narrative and make golf more accessible to all. In their fun and social golf tours, they prioritize camaraderie, enjoyment, and community-building over handicaps. Let’s explore why there is no handicap required on most of Golf & Tours’ golf getaways, and how they are fostering a supportive international golfing community.

A New Perspective on Golf

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Traditionally, golf has been perceived as a sport where players are judged by their handicap, making newcomers and casual players feel apprehensive about joining tours. Golf & Tours aims to shatter these barriers and create an inclusive space where every individual can embrace their love for golf without any reservations. By prioritizing enjoyment and camaraderie, they shift the focus from individual skills to the overall experience of the game.

Fun and Social Environment

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Golf & Tours prides itself on providing a fun and social environment for golfers of all levels. Their tours are designed to be enjoyable experiences where players can relax, make friends, and share their passion for the game. The emphasis is on fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those who may not feel comfortable in more competitive settings.

Expert Guidance and Instruction

Despite no handicap required for most of their trips, Golf & Tours ensures that participants have the option to receive all the necessary support to improve their game, if they wish to. They offer expert guidance and instruction from seasoned golf professionals, helping players refine their techniques and boost their confidence on the course, on their Tuition Tours. This approach encourages continuous learning and skill development, in a non-intimidating manner.

Building an International Golfing Community

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Golf & Tours has a unique vision: to build a close-knit international golfing community one golf swing at a time. Through their tours, golfers from various corners of the world come together, share their diverse experiences, and forge lasting connections. The camaraderie extends beyond the fairways, creating friendships that transcend borders and cultures.

Encouraging Novices and Experienced Golfers Alike

Hawaii golf tourBy not requiring a handicap on most tours, Golf & Tours paves the way for novices to explore the game without fear of judgment. Newcomers can dive into the sport, surrounded by supportive individuals who understand the joy of learning and growing. At the same time, experienced golfers can appreciate the freedom of a stress-free round of golf where the focus is on having a good time rather than achieving a specific score.

Redefined Success on the Course

Golf & Tours Women's Southern Highlands Golf TuitionIn a society often fixated on achievement and results, Golf & Tours reintroduces the concept of success on the golf course. Success is no longer measured solely by handicap or score, but by the memories made, laughter shared, and friendships formed during each tour. This refreshing perspective rejuvenates the passion for golf and reminds players why they fell in love with the game in the first place.

Experiences that do require a Golf Handicap

Old Course St AndrewsSome of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world do have maximum Handicap requirements to play on their hallowed ground.   They require you to have a valid golf handicap, and present a valid handicap certificate before you are able to step out onto the 1st tee.  The Old Course at St Andrews is one of these courses, and their maximum handicap limits are 24 for men and 36 for women. On our Ultimate Scotland Golf  Tour, we play the Old Course at St Andrews. On this tour, if your handicap is higher than the maximum, you can play all of the courses on this tour, apart from the Old Course.

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Golf & Tours is revolutionising the golfing experience by creating a space where everyone is welcome, regardless of their handicap or skill level. Their commitment to building a supportive international golfing community, one golf swing at a time, sets them apart as a beacon of inclusivity and camaraderie in the world of golf. So, if you’re eager to enjoy golf in a fun and social environment while forging meaningful connections with fellow enthusiasts, Golf & Tours is the perfect destination for your next golfing adventure. Let your love for the game flourish, and join them on their quest to make golf a sport for all to relish!