Travel Bucket List

We have all been living through crazy times.

Over the past couple of years, bushfires, a worldwide pandemic and floods have led to a reduction in physical interactions, which has been mentally challenging.

Maintaining human connection is more important than ever as we continue to navigate this difficult period. Travel and golf are such amazing vehicles for human connection and authentic encounters. Both of these experiences give us the opportunity to embrace and celebrate our similarities, and our differences.

There are so many places to go, and so many experiences to be had, consider making your own Travel Bucket List.

Making bucket lists are a way of setting intentions.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than turning our dreams into reality.  Of planning and seeing our dreams come to fruition.

Having a Travel Bucket List helps you stay focussed on finally getting to those places, to have the experiences you’ve always dreamt of.

Travelling has so many benefits.  It makes you happier and relives stress.  Getting away from the normal day to day can help put worries and anxieties into perspective.

Stepping out of your comfort zone exposes you to new cultures, food, people, languages and traditions.

Without a doubt, the best benefit of travelling is the friends you make on the way.

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Ideas for your Travel Bucket List

  1. Play the Old Course in Scotland
  2. Stay in a castle in Ireland
  3. Take an art class in Italy
  4. Have a surfing lesson in Hawaii
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Visit the Champagne Houses in France
  7. Play the top golf courses in each country you travel to
  8. See the Grand Canyon
  9. Join a safari in Africa
  10. Visit the Louvre