Wild Bloom RetreatsMany of you would know Golf & Tours Founder, Ainslie Saunders, and be aware that she started Golf & Tours because she feels passionately about finding ways to provide connection between women, and wanted to use a love of golf and travel as the vehicle for that. As Ainslie continues her journey to work to find ways to empower and enrich the lives of women, we are so happy to let you know of a new collaboration she has been working on.

Wild Bloom RetreatsGolf & Tours are honoured to be collaborating with Giselle Perry of Sofia Women’s Circle and Andrijana Vidovic of Avidus & Co on offering women’s seasonal retreats, under the umbrella Wild Bloom Retreats. Steeped in the principles and guiding practices of women’s circles, the Wild Bloom Retreats collaboration has a vision to create a destination village for women to take time away for seasonally aligned self-care, in stunning settings and luxurious accommodations.

golf fitnessThese non-golf women’s retreats are an opportunity to take some time out of daily life, and nourish yourself with heart-centred daily yoga, women’s circles, sound bath sessions, journaling, crafting, conversation and soulful solitary and reflection time. All delicious and wholesome meals are included, to ensure you are nourished from the inside out. Time will stretch, as you slow down.

Summer Self Care RetreatGolf & Tours and Wild Bloom Retreats, dream of living in a world where more women feel nurtured, celebrated and safe to live with their hearts open, and we are passionate about gathering women to learn, grow and celebrate each other’s journey. Giselle, Andi & Ainslie have lovingly crafted these women’s seasonal retreats as a way to cultivate connection between women, to ground and reconnect with their true selves, and each other. To create a nourishing safe space for women to listen to their hearts, and all the wisdom of nature.

Wild Bloom Retreats first seasonal retreat will be in Autumn 2024, consciously chosen to be held in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Following this, we will be offering a Winter retreat in July 2024, a Spring retreat in September 2024 and a Summer retreat in December 2024.

Bookings for this initial luxurious and transformative Autumn retreat, are now open. Join us, to consciously slow down and step away from the demands of the modern world. Lean into what is no longer serving you, and join our small circle of 12 women in the Southern Highlands of NSW next Autumn for an all-inclusive retreat, and remember who you are.

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