Play Golf in Australia

Golf & Tours create authentic, local itineraries and experiences for travellers who want more from their golf holiday than just playing Australia’s amazing golf courses. We have access to many of Australia’s Top 100 golf clubs, so you can tick the “must play” courses off your list, but we also recommend adding to your tour schedule lots of Australian “hidden gem” courses…. and we’ve lots to suggest.

Golf & Tours are about more than just the golf. We believe that a trip of a lifetime does not involve sitting on a 52 seater coach. We have suggested itineraries to all parts of Australia that include recommended activities, with real locals, that satisfy your other interests such as art, history, food, wine, nature or adventure. We work with local vendors to uncover hidden gems, and all of our itineraries are completely tailored to your specific desires and interests.

Golf & Tours are golf travel specialists who provide golf holidays with a high level of detailed attention to the small but integral components and finer touches that take an experience from good to extraordinary.

Australia has more than just amazing golf courses

Golf & Tours offer you that quintessential Australian experience beyond just the best golf courses this country has to offer.

Every country has its own vibe and soul, beyond the major tourist lines and mindless tour package funnel. The best kind of vacation is one based on local knowledge. Golf & Tours connects you to the living heart of Australia; the authentic local lifestyles, customs and culture that is normally the bastion of locals only.

As a premium tour operator specialising in small, bespoke, 5 star boutique groups, Golf & Tours knows what it takes to build and execute an experience that will result in lifetime memories.  With plenty of off the beaten track adventures, get ready to unearth some undiscovered parts of Australia.